“Everything we do, every concept we create, every design we’re part of, is driven by a desire to be remembered. To create something that has impact or influence in the hearts and minds of people it touches.”

-Ben Develin, Video Producer

 At Mude, we believe in always striving to be more.
To be different and memorable in a significant way.
Here’s how we do it:

Capture More.

When we press that little red button, we aren’t just simply recording footage for a job. We are capturing experiences and unforgettable moments, as honestly and beautifully as possible. We want the audience to feel the truth in what we capture, and become a part of the story, themselves.

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Compose More.

We strongly believe in the absolute magnitude of power that music provides. We’ve all experienced how a perfectly suited song can heighten all the surrounding emotions. So, we allow the emotional tone of the music to take the wheel and drive you to somewhere you’ll never forget.

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Design More.

We put a lot of love and careful thought into our designs, logos, websites, and mobile apps. Working very closely with you, we create beautiful designs that are specific to what you need – but at the same time always making sure we add our own unique twist that separates how something looks from the rest.

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